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Greetings to all, I'm Ani. 


Welcome to yet another blog that talks about food and gardening!  This is a space where I share the stuff that I cook and eat in real life.  It's not food porn.  I like to cook and bake and be creative with the plethora of ingredients that I get out of my garden and pantry, but the result is often a little odd. My end goal with this blog is to share creativity for cooking rather than just recipes.

I also have a particular interest in the native climates of plants and crops we take for granted, so with each blog post I like to go into one of the primary ingredients and talk about its native climate and how it came to be a food crop in North America.  For example, I have a brilliant blog post about chilli, and at the end of that post I delve into tomatoes, their native range of South America, and the extensive voyage between their domestication by Aztecs and their arrival in South Carolina in 1710.

Whether your'e here for plants, food, or creativity, I hope you enjoy.