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Savoury Corn Oatmeal

February 23, 2019

Since moving to Canada and becoming an avid foodie, my perspective on what it means to cook has changed a lot.  Originally, cooking was something I did to create food that tasted good and was at least somewhat healthful.  Now that definition has a lot more depth to it.


Cooking - for me - is a word which carries a lot of meaning; it speaks of making or procuring fresh and local produce, of preserving excess to enjoy during the off seasons, of using the foods which you have a surplus of before they go bad, of making really fucking good food.  


Savoury corn oatmeal - I normally call it corn mash - is a delicious meal composed of canned sweet corn (preferably homemade) and a handful of oats.  To sweeten the deal I usually add more stuff, mostly veg but also some meats (like bacon) if we have them readily on hand.  The idea is that canned corn is delicious, and oats are filling, and that everything else is there to make it taste even better.  It's the most delicious final frontier for food ever.

Savoury Corn Oatmeal



1 pint canned sweet corn

3/4 cup of oats

1  1/2 cups of water or milk

2 tbs cream

2 tbs fat (butter or rendered animal fat)

1/4 cup sliced cherry tomatoes

1/4 cup diced green tomatoes (great for fall cooking)

1/4 cup canned or fresh squash

1/4 cup of any fresh greens

1/4 cup bacon bits

1 tbs green onions

1 tbs flax seeds

a pinch of salt and ground pepper


Note: Before you make anything, I just want you to remember that any ingredient that came after the oats is totally optional, and that you can add to or change the ingredients according to the contents of your pantry.


Alright, pay attention now since this is a slightly complex process: throw everything into a medium pot and simmer on low, stirring regularly, until it has reached a consistency that you are satisfied by.  And presto! You have corn mash.


Enjoy!  I recommend topping it with a drizzle of milk to help cool everything down, and then just take it one bite at a time.









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