Optimistic Strawberries

April 14, 2019

With the coming of spring so too come the leaves of many plants which had been hidden by cold and snow.  When walking around one of our pastures the other day, I noticed a rather expansive patch of strawberry plants taking over in a location which seemed less than ideal.  Clearly the plants didn't feel the same way though, seeing as the colony was several feet in length.


It reminded me of another incident where I found strawberry plants growing in a location which seemed to be against all odds. 


A few months ago I went on a trip to Tofino BC, taking advantage of the balmy weather and beaches it had to offer.  Along one of the beaches there was a large outcropping of rocks, which seemed to just pop up out of the sandy expanse.  The remarkable thing about these rocks was all the sand (and bird crap) which had collected on the top above the reach of the ocean.  Because there was a growing medium and fertilizer, and no interference from the salty ocean, some plants had begun to call the rock home.


The area was mostly populated by grass, not a particular surprise since grass can always be counted on to grow practically anywhere, but interspersed throughout were also several strawberry plants.  They were tiny, but the fact that they were there was amazing.  Some bird had likely carried a few seeds to the rocky outcropping, and they had sprouted, laying the foundation for a lush patch of strawberries in the years to come.


I just love the optimism of the situation.  Within such a harsh environment these beautiful little plants were pushing on to lay the foundation for more life.  





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