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Real life cooking

November 11, 2019

I'm at that funny transition point between seasons when I'm really not sure what to cook.  All of my fresh produce is officially used up or rotten, excepting the apples, so I have to start relying on whatever I preserved. 


Mostly that's been corn mash, but I only have a limited supply of canned sweet corn, so that's not an infinite solution.  Probably be a good idea to make a lovely pot of stew.


I also have lots of meat, what with butchering much poultry to make room for winter.  Chicken and goose is abundant.  You know, I never realize just how much vegetarian style food I eat until I'm faced with needing to consume meat.  Funny dilemma really.


Thick goose stew with mashed potatoes?  Yum.  Have some roasted beets on the side, the last bunch from the garden.  Sounds like dinner's planned, now to make it... 

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