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Life in the Real World, Part 1

January 11, 2020

Okay, so week one of butchery in college has passed.  I don't think the natives have spotted the outsider in their midst.  I'm getting by on my good looks, so that they don't dig into my history to the point where they find a bleeding heart... idk.  Not quite hippy, not quite redneck, definitely not the average in terms of "I just got to college and I'm nineteen! Let's party!"  Fuck I'm dull.


Managed to play the 'girl' during the first bloodletting, since I failed to consume the only meal my body cares about (breakfast), so I had to step out a few times.  I can just picture the persona that my classmates are building for me.  It was fun irregardless, a giant team-butcher project.


The only thing that makes me weep to imagine; four more months of eating cafeteria food.  What the hell am I going to write about if not my cooking?  Maybe classes, but who knows how exciting that's going to be, although since it's a butchery class, the odds are in my favour.



















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